Future Meeting Documents

Agendas for future meeting dates of the Birmingham Health & Wellbeing Board and any other relevant documentation will be uploaded to this page as soon as it becomes available. All board meetings can be viewed in real time at the following link:


The next scheduled meeting of the board is 3pm on Tuesday 22nd March 2016; all of the meeting documents will be listed below as soon as they are available.

HWB Agenda 26012016

Agenda Item 5a – BSCB Annual Report – Executive Summary – 2014-15

Agenda Item 5a – BSCB Covering Report

Agenda Item 5a – BSCB Presentation [Compatibility Mode]

Agenda Item 5b – Early Help Appendix

Agenda Item 5b – Early Help Covering Report

Agenda Item 6 – BSAB Covering Report

Agenda Item 6 – BSAB Presentation [Compatibility Mode]

Agenda Item 7a – Ops Group Report – Strategy Progress

Agenda Item 7b – Ops Group Report – Working Locally

Agenda Item 8 – Headstart

Agenda Item 9 – Birmingham Public Health Youth Panel

Agenda Item 10 – BCF Covering Report

Agenda Item 10 – BCF Presentation

Agenda Item 11 – HWB Work Programme

Agenda Item 12 – HWB Minutes 300915




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