The Health and Wellbeing Strategy is the first of its kind in the city.  This strategy addresses some of the critical challenges Birmingham faces.

Delivering this strategy is not the responsibility of one organisation, it will require input from many organisations across the city.

The development of the Strategy has been informed and supported by three theme specific workshops: children, vulnerable people and resilience.

The Strategy on a page was adopted by the Board at its meeting on the 4th June 2013.

The Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out the priorities for the Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Board. These priorities are grouped into three key areas:

1.  Improve the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable adults and children in need.

2.  Improve the health and wellbeing of our children.

3.  Improve the resilience of our health and care system.

A number of outcomes and sample actions are set out in the Strategy in each of the priority areas.  Measures and targets are also given so that the success and the impact of delivery against the Strategy can be measured.

The strategy on a page can be viewed HERE

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